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Mount Pleasant, Michigan. February 27, 2016 The Mount Pleasant track is a favorite among racers, and this year was no different. Warm temperatures and a technical track made a great combination for both fans and racers. Warnert Racing continues to build on a solid season, contending in both Pro-lite and Pro Open points championships. After a two-week break in the ISOC National series both John Stenberg and Elias Ishoel picked up right where they left off.

FRIDAY Round 11

Elias Ishoel kicked off Friday night with a first and a second in qualifying. In the final Ishoel got off to a great start riding smooth and collected to take the checkers, marking his 5th win of the season.

In Pro Open John Stenberg had some difficulties in qualifying taking a pair of seventh’s forcing him into the LCQ. After taking the win in the LCQ, Stenberg choose to start in the back row of the final. Battling roost and minimal visibility, Stenberg rode hard and made his way to a fifth place finish, in the final.


Elias Ishoel started strong on day two, taking the win in round one and settling for third in round two after a collision with another rider. The final kicked off with another early move to take the lead, Ishoel quickly distanced himself from the field to take the win. The young Norwegian left the weekend hinting at a newly found level of consistency and reviving his chances of making a run at the season points standings.

Stenberg rode hard in the Pro Open class but was a victim of bad luck. In qualifying he rode to a 7th, but was disqualified in the second round after missing vehicle inspection following the race. After qualifying through the LCQ Stenberg battled to a 10th place finish in the final.


Friday Round 11 Final Saturday Round 12


Points Standings
Elias Ishoel #200 1st 1st 4th
John Stenberg #259 5th 10th 7th


Next up for the team is Route 66 raceway, just outside of Chicago Illinois March 4-5th.
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