Mike Schultz Season Wrap Up

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Snocross Finale at Lake Geneva Wisconsin. A few weeks ago I had some changes in my schedule which opened the door for me to compete at the last round of Snocross in Lake Geneva. I originally planned on racing in only the Adaptive Class but in typical Mike Schultz fashion, I decided to change it up last minute and also run in the Pro +30 class. I had to change my race sled back to stock in order to qualify for that classes rules. My goal was to finish in the top 5 and after the second round I was feeling really comfortable and having a blast on the race course. Round 1 I finished 3rd and I ended up winning Round 2 which qualified me 3rd for the final.

It was a full field of 15 riders lined up for the 8 lap final. The light turned green and we were off. I had a horrible mid-pack start up the long uphill holeshot but was able to be crafty in the first corner. Half way through the first lap I found myself in 4th and really wanted to push for a podium position. A couple more laps into the race I made a move past the third place rider and found myself in that podium position! I clicked off the rest of the laps and was able to reduce the gap between myself and 2nd place but ended up 3rd. I was so pumped to be on the podium at the last race of the year against the guys that have been racing all year! Justin Tate- 1st, Kurt Bauerly-2nd , Mike Schultz-3rd.

Day 2, Adaptive Class – We had another beautiful day for racing on Saturday with a pretty amazing race course considering the unseasonably warm temps for the last month. Our Adaptive Class had 4 competitors who all looked forward to showing what is possible as an adaptive rider in front of the huge Lake Geneva crowd. We usually have more riders but unfortunately a few of them are on the injured list and will hopefully be back next season along with some more.

The Lake Geneva course made for some extremely rough and difficult lines especially for our class, but they all charged through and enjoyed the ride! In the end I had a strong lead and won both rounds and the Final. Chris Hepding finished 2nd and George Isvanek in 3rd and Paul Thacker rounding out 4th.
Pro +30
Round 1- 3rd Round 2- 1st

Final 3rd

Round 1- 1st Round 2- 1st
Final- 1st

I truly had a blast racing snowmobiles this year and am looking forward to making plans for next year!
I want to extend a huge ‘Thank You’ to everyone who supports my program! FOX, BioDapt, FLY, Wiggle Your Toes, B. Tuff, Prosthetic Laboratories, Straightline Performance, Mystik Lubricants, Digital Ink, C&A Pro, Stud Boy, HMK, DP Brakes, Unequal, MoSwo PR