Snow Bike Race Application

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To:       Potential “SVX” Snow Vehicle Racers
From:  Arctic Cat / Team Arctic Race Department
Re:       2017 Race Support Program Application


The snowbike craze and segment potential increases every day.  Over the last few weeks alone we have witnessed big developments with the announcement of snowbike racing being a part of this year’s Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado.   Several regional events and series have also been named including ISOC, RMSHA, East Coast SnoCross and the 5 race Flashpoint Series.

As you are aware, the Arctic Cat Engineering group is working diligently through final testing phases for the industry’s first purpose-built snowbike.  As we work through this product initiative we do not want to miss on any opportunities that may exist for our Race Team members.  We are constantly looking for ways to improve our competitive posture in the market and on the race track and are committed to nothing short of success and total dominance!

That being said, Arctic Cat would like to inquire on potential interest you or your race team may have in regards to purchasing and racing our “New” SVX 450 this winter race season as a closed course competition vehicle.  This is an evaluation stage at this point, but look forward to your inquiries and questions.

If interested in discussing opportunities that may exist, please complete and return the attached inquiry form and application.



  1. Applications must be completed in a professional manner; a resume with photos will be appreciated. These photos will not be returned.
  2. You can return your info either email or regular mail

A.) Dawn Haugen – Race Dept. Assistant 218-681-9882

B.) Mail your application to the following address:

Arctic Cat Race Department
17442 US Hwy 59 NE
Thief River Falls, MN 56701


  1. Applications for all models must be postmarked by Nov 30, 2016.
  2. Your application will be reviewed and notification letters will be mailed out to you.


For the 2017 race season, please keep watching for new changes in all forms of racing. Watch the Arctic Cat website at as well as your racing affiliate site for updated information.

Snow Vehicle Race Program Application Form:

(Please type or print clearly) – This application must be filled out completely

Have you ever applied for the Arctic Cat race program before?

Yes or No (If yes, what year(s) __________________

Racers ID#__________________ (If you have applied to the race program within the last 10 years you were assigned a 7 digit ID# this number is on your mailing label above your name, if you are new you will be assigned a number this season).

Racers Full Name: _________________________________________________________________________

Mailing Address: _________________________________________________________________________

Shipping Address: __________________________________________________________________________

City:_________________________________ State/Province:____________________ Zip/Postal__________

Age: __________

E-mail address:_____________________________________________

Phone #’s Day:____________________________ Evening:___________________________

Cell:____________________________ Fax:______________________________

What circuit do you plan on competing in this year? _________________________________.

Racing Sponsors:



I understand that my acceptance on the race program means that I will be using my SVX for competition purposes in a safe and professional manner and not for resale until the end of my race season. I understand that these snow vehicles are intended for competition only and warranty is void on snow vehicles purchased through the race program. I also agree that this is not a joint venture. Nothing in this agreement is to be construed to place the parties in the relationship of partners, joint ventures or agents and RACER has no power to obligate or bind Arctic Cat in any manner whatsoever I hereby verify that the proceeding information is true and correct; falsifying any information may cause immediate disqualification from any Team Arctic support.


Print Name: ______________________________________

Signature: __________________________________________


Note: Please keep this sheet for future reference

Mike Kloety – Snowmobile Race Manager 218-681-9885
Dawn Haugen – Race Dept. Assistant 218-681-9882
Kelland Bjerke – Race Tech. 218-681-9883
Jeff Wittwer – Race Tech. 218-681-9884
Race Department Fax Number 218-681-9886
Race Department Address Arctic Cat Race Department
17442 US Hwy 59 NE
Thief River Falls, MN 56701

Race Dept. Website: