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The annual Jackson Hole World Championship Hillclimb event is in the books with Ski-Doo racers taking home five titles in the Pro classes led by once a year RMSHA racer Carl Kuster who took two wins. Blaine Mathews, Jay Mentaberry and Trent Handsaker got in on the action by claiming their own World Championships in the Men’s divisions while Chrystal Cooper and Jadian Pfaff battled it out in the women’s classes with Cooper taking two and
Pfaff one. Copper also claimed Queen of the Hill.

Jackson Hole World Championship Hillclimb Results

Pro Masters Stock
1.) Carl Kuster
2.) Trent Handsaker
6.) Brad Sharp

800 Stock
4.) Blaine Mathews
8.) Scott Thompson

Pro Masters Improved Stock
1.) Carl Kuster
4.) Trent Handsaker

800 Improved Stock
1.) Blaine Mathews
9.) Jay Mentaberry

800 Mod
1.) Jay Mentaberry
3.) Scott Thompson
6.) Steve Martin
9.) Blaine Mathews

1000 Stock
2.) Scott Thompson
7.) Blaine Mathews
9.) Greg Dana

1000 Improved Stock
3.) Steve Martin
4.) Greg Dana
6.) Tom Roby
8.) Trent Handsaker
9.) Danny Johnson

Pro Masters Mod
1.) Trent Handsaker
4.) Brad Sharp
5.) Mark Thompson

Open Mod
2.) Blaine Mathews
3.) Jay Mentaberry
6.) Scott Thompson
7.) Carl Kuster
10.) Trent Handsaker

Stock King
3.) Carl Kuster

Improved King
2.) Blaine Mathews
3.) Carl Kuster

Mod King
2.) Jay Mentaberry
5.) Trent Handsaker

Women’s Stock
1.) Chrystal Cooper
2.) Jadian Pfaff

Women’s Improved Stock
1.) Jadian Pfaff
3.) Chrystal Cooper

Women’s Mod
1.) Chrystal Cooper
2.) Jadian Pfaff

Women’s Queen
1.) Chrystal Cooper
2.) Jadian Pfaff

Semi Pro Stock
5.) Colton Olstad

Semi Pro Improved
3.) Colton Olstad