From Classroom to the Racetrack: Tausha Lange

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In spite of her young age, Tausha Lange is one to watch in this winter’s AMSOIL Championship Snocross Pro AM Woman’s class. One of the true stars of the sport, Tausha has reached many milestones in her early career, including many national top 5 finishes. While still going to high school, Tausha is working hard to fulfill her dreams of being a Snocross Champion. We caught up the Miltona, Minnesota native to see how she goes from the classroom during the week to battling for podiums on the weekend.

ISOC: Tausha, for the snocross fans who may not be familiar with you, tell us about yourself and life away from the racetrack?

Tausha: I am 15 years old and have been racing since I was 4 years old. I am from Miltona, MN. Snocross is my main sport, but in the off season I am racing mountain bikes and running track. 

ISOC: How did you get started with AMSOIL Championship Snocross and do you race anything else in the off season?

Tausha: My dad grew up racing not only snocross, but ice ovals and many other types of racing. He got my three older brothers involved which got me started. The only other thing that I race is mountain bikes in the summer

ISOC: What challenges do you face being in high school while still racing in the Pro AM Woman’s Class?

Tausha: Being in High School makes it difficult to get a lot of practice time in but I do go to practice at least once a week and also every off weekend I am at ERX motor park practicing. Missing school also makes it difficult because I have to find time to make up all the work but my teachers all work with me to make sure that I am able to get all of my work done which I am very thankful for.

ISOC: You just missed the top 5 in points last season (finished 6th) with being much younger than the other girls what will you have to do this season to get into the top 5 in points and earn your first National podium win?

Tasha: In the off season last year I thought that I did a lot of training, but this off season I am taking it to the next level to get ready and get on the national podium and show people that just because I am 15 does not stop me.

ISOC: All the woman in the Pro Am Woman’s class seem to be close friends. Talk about that and what some of the advantages and disadvantages are of racing against such good friends?

Tasha: The advantages definitely out way the disadvantages. It is so nice to be able to talk about the track with someone that is out there at the same time you are and if you aren’t in the same heat they can give you tips on what lines to take and vise versa. Also, during practice everyone is there to get better and everyone is willing to help you out with things if you need it and everyone is pushing each other to be the best they can be.

ISOC: Last season was only your second year being in the professional ranks, what have you learned over the last seasons that you think will help you going into your third season?

Tasha: When I was in the Junior classes I always wanted to do good, but I never really set goals or really focused on giving it my all. Now going into my third year of being in the Pro Am woman class I realize that you have to be at the top of your game if you want the results so this next season I am going to set many goals for myself and push myself to that next level to get me onto the podium.

ISOC: With all the sports to choose from, what made you choose snocross?

Tasha: Even though snocross is my main sport I am still in two other sports which are track and am also on a mountain bike team, but both are training for snocross. I was in dance for twelve years but I quit last year when I went to the Pro Am woman class because I really wanted to focus on snocross and just snocross, I would choose snocross over all my sports just because of how much fun I have every weekend and the friendly environment that it is and I have made such good friends through the sport I would not be able to give it up any time soon.

ISOC: What does your training program consist of during the summer to get you ready for this winter?

Tasha:  In the summer I train at Noonan’s Sports Specialist with a trainer that did some research on snocross and has got me doing things that will help me get my body ready for the season I also mountain bike all the time during the off season with my brother.

ISOC: What was the reaction from friends and family when you decided to pursue your dreams in snowmobile racing over everything else?

Tasha: My family all knew that I was going to be a racer since I grew up in a family of four other racers. But they are all amazed at how far I have made it in the sport since I am so young. My friends on the other hand did not understand what Snocross was and did not realize how big it was until I started bringing them to the races and now they are always asking to come along.

ISOC: What are your goals for the 2017-2018 AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series?

Tasha: My two main goals for the 2017-18 season are to be on the podium many times and also to make top 5 in the national year end points.

ISOC: What advice would you give to other young women who want to go racing?

Tasha: My advice to the young girls who want to try racing is to go out to a practice track and just try it! I promise you will not regret it and if you are nervous come and talk to girl racers and they will answer any questions you have and will all be willing to help you out.

ISOC: Who would you like to thank? 

Tasha: There are so many people to thank for helping me get to where I am at today. Above everyone I cannot thank my dad and brothers enough for always having my sled ready to go and making sure everything is just right for me, also my mom who always has food in the trailer and keeps everything organized throughout the weekends. Thank you to all of my friends that help me on and off the track! I cannot thank my sponsors enough because without them there is no way I would be able to be racing up to where I am today, so huge thank you to FXR, 139designs, Up North Sports, ERX motor park, Shane Thompson Farms, Alex Rubbish and Recycling, and Lange Construction.

Facebook: Tausha Lange 214

Instagram: Langeracing214