The Scheele Legacy Lives On

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When you have an ex Professional Snocross racer as a coach and mentor it seems as if you may have an edge over the rest of the competition. But when that person is your dad, you can have a considerable advantage. That is the story for young Arctic Cat rider Anson Scheele. Anson is the son to former Pro racer Aaron Scheele. We had the opportunity to catch up with Anson as he is coming off huge wins at Duluth in the Junior and Sport Lite classes.

Anson you had lots of success last season, but this year it seems as if you are on a different level. What do you think is different?
 I put in a lot more hard work in this off season. We hit the dirt bikes really hard over the summer, and I think that is a key to my success. I also run cross country in the fall which helps a lot with my endurance. During the season I work out with my trainer every day after school and I have been trying to eat healthier, but it’s hard to find things to snack on during the day. Being apart of Christian Bros is also a huge positive change, hanging with Logan, Jacob and the whole team has and will continue to help me be successful.

Are you planing on going to all the nationals this season?
Yes I am planning on hitting all the nationals. I am racing with Christian Brothers this year which makes it possible to get to the far away races.

Were you able to get a lot of preseason testing done?
 I would say I got a lot of preseason testing in, compared to years before. I think I got a solid 5 days of riding in, thanks to some cold weather and CBR’s snow guns.

How is the all new 2018 Arctic Cat sled?
The new Arctic Cat snowmobile is miles ahead of last years. The new motor is running great and I love the 136″ track and the new spindle height is a great improvement. You can tell how the sled just wants to drive through the holes and jumps rather than lose all its momentum.  

Is it cool to have a dad that has been there/done that and also had much success?
 Yes, he helps me a lot with the sled set up and tricks on where to go faster on the track. I would not be where I am with out his help. He knows what it takes to perform at a high level. We have been training together the last couple of years, he helps keep me focused and doing the hard work.  

Does he give you advice on lines and on-track preparation or does he let you do your own thing?
My dad helps me a bunch on the track, telling me where all the fast lines are. I feel like I have an advantage over all the competition. 

When you go back to school do you get to wear your trophies around your neck? 
Lol not really I don’t talk much about snocross life at school. Very few people know that I even race snowmobiles, unless they are my friends.

Your friends have to think its pretty cool. Do they check you out on the livestream or make it to any events?
My friends do think it’s really cool and like to talk about racing. I think one or two have watched me race on livestream. 

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us today. Is there anyone you would like to thank?

Yea no problem it’s been fun. I would like to thank all of my sponsors Christian Brother’s Racing, Arctic Cat, Speedwerx, Textron, Thomas Snosports, Country Cat, Xplode sport training, Doc, Amg Peterbilt, TDs Equipment, C and A pro skis, Virus, 100 percent goggles, Gama Aviation, 139desings, Troy Lee Designs, Stud Boy, my parents, and my grandpa.