Warnert Racing: Race Report #5

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  Welcome to sunny South Dakota, the team arrived in Deadwood to unseasonable high temperatures. Friday practice went off as expected with both riders posting respectable times in their practices. In the first round of Pro-Lite action Lebel had a little lazy jump on the light, but his Speedwerx tuned RS600 outpaced the competition to the first turn. Settling into the lead Jordan used his time to try option alternate lines on the tight race circuit on his way to the win. Pelletier punched it off the light leading into the first turn only to be punted over the inside berm relinquishing his lead. A frustrated Frank was only able to fight back up to fifth. Round two of action saw Lebel a little late on the spurs, yet nosed into the first turn in second. Once again, a teal clad sled was subject to the now clearly inadequate braking system of a polar ass pilot. Jordan rode composed and clean running his stead up to third at the finish. Pelletier lurched off the light launching a triple on the front straight. Precise lines and laps landed him at the line first in round two.

  A fantastic final for the 511 machine, found himself out front for all the laps on a chaotic course. Lebel lapped consistently to collect a ten second lead when he lit the candles. Pelletier lined up confident from his heat race win, unaware of the battle that was about to begin. Pinched off on the front straight he was about to be punished for the rest of the race. Pelletier was pelted, pummeled and plagued by the chaos and crashes due to the bomb holes that developed on the track. Battle worn Frank was frustrated with a hard fought sixth position.

  Saturday morning rose to a wild swing in weather, the temperatures dropped as well as the snowflakes. The racers surveyed the race course and observed minor changes in the layout of the arena, posting top times in their respective practices. Lebel lined up for his first round, with a lack luster start he struggled to find alternate lines to pass on ending in fifth position. Pelletier poised to prove his speed pulled an early lead in round one leading for the opening few laps. Pressured by the defending champ he missed his rhythm on the quickly changing course and left the door open for a couple of passes finishing up third. 511 lined up for round two of qualifying leaving the line last week, ricocheting off a couple fellow racers he loses drive on the start straight. Lebel gets impatient and runs it in a little hot and tips over only mustarding up a seventh. Jordan’s five – seventh qualifying lands him in the LCQ which he was able to win. Frank found himself in position three at the finish of round two of Pro qualifying.

  Lebel lined up for the final on the back row with a taillight view. Last on lap one, remained brief as Jordan battle through the pack running his sled within half of a second of fifth before the checkers flew. Pelletier poised for perfection pushed his person from start to finish in the Pro final. Never putting a ski wrong Frank found the top step of the podium for the third time this season.

  The team will be closely watching for a brake recall bulletin before heading to Elk River next week for rounds 11 & 12.

Snocross – Deadwood, SD – 2022 Results


1st – Jordan Lebel (Pro-Lite Class)

6th – Francis Pellitier (Pro Class)


6th – Jordan Lebel (Pro-Lite Class)

1st – Francis Pellitier (Pro Class)





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