Evan Daudt Wins Thrilling Pro Lite Final In Minnesota

haley Team Press

For Immediate Release: Via KC Motorsports Polaris

Finley, ND (March 13, 2023) – In what many are calling the race of the 2023 season, Evan Daudt held off the previously unbeaten Jordan Lebel to win his first Pro Lite final of the year.

Daudt lined up for the main event in the number nine slot on the far outside of the starting line but was still able to power his way to a holeshot and lead the opening lap. With ten-time race winner Lebel having to work his way forward from a back row start, Daudt was able to open the gap on the field.

Lebel would move into second place on lap five, which is also when Evan put in his fastest lap of the race. In the closing laps the capacity crowd at ERX Motor Park were on their feet cheering for Daudt to break up Lebel’s perfect season. And, while most thought it was a forgone conclusion that a pass was coming, Daudt did not crack under pressure and held on for the win.

Evan Daudt: “Starting on the outside you just want to look for a hole and see if you can cut your losses, so when I got to the second corner in the lead I just kinda shook my head like Holy Cow!

The first time over the finish line I just reminded myself to take a breath and not make any mistakes. Going into the corners I couldn’t hear any other sleds so I knew I had a gap but you I also had to tell myself you’ve gotta keep a pace.

Once I heard Lebel I had to start thinking a little more about where he might be catching me and where I needed to defend. It was a fight from beginning to end and one I will never forget.”

It was a rough weekend for Evan Christian who could just never find the consistency he normally possesses on race day. A crash in his heat race on Friday meant a trip to a loaded Last Chance Qualifier where he was unable to transfer to the main event.

EC had a better day on Saturday, going 2-4 in his heats. A tangle early in the main event pushed Christian back to 15th temporarily, but he was able to fight his way back to a 10th place finish.

The team will have one final open weekend coming up before back-to-back rounds in Michigan and Iowa to complete the season.