U.S Air Force Continues Partnership with Snocross for 24th Year

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As the most advanced tactical aerial authority in the world, nobody understands extreme performance more than the United States Air Force. That’s why Snocross is proud to announce their partnership with the USAF is continuing for the 24th year of catching big air and shredding fresh powder.

Snocross will be working in tandem with the USAF to give you behind the scenes access, on-site interactive fan activities, and exclusive events throughout the upcoming season. From meeting with teams and drivers to enjoying the entire weekend of racing festivities, there is something for everybody to enjoy at all Snocross events.

One of the special highlights of the partnership includes the opportunity to see the USAF conduct official DEP swear-ins at Snocross events. Witness the courageous participants of the Delayed Entry Program commit to servicing this great Nation.

There are currently more than 300,000 active men and  women serving in the highest-flying branch of the military. Make your salute to service by showing support and gratitude for their future commitment at Snocross events throughout the 2023 to 2024 season.

On top of their partnership with Snocross, the  USAF participates in the performance of the National Anthem at events. They also visit local schools as part of their community outreach program with Air Force sponsored Pro Team Scheuring Speed Sports.

From representing this country beyond its borders to being fans of extreme snowmobile motorsports, members of the USAF like to spread their wings everywhere around the globe. They also know how to have fun when time allows for it.

Air Force members definitely love the friendly spirit of competition. That’s why they want to give you the chance to gain hands-on wrench experience while under the kind of pressure a Snocross Crew Mechanic faces during a race.

Do you think you have what it takes to keep a Snocross sled running on the fly? Prove it with the Snocross USAF Quick Change Challenge where you put your ski-changing skills to the ultimate test.

How fast can you change a ski on a sled? You’ll get the chance to compete against the very best ski-changing times recorded by members of the United States Air Force. The Quick Change Challenge will be available at every single Snocross event this upcoming season. 

Other on-site interactive activities include a state-of-the-art virtual reality experiences at select events. These experiences give fans the chance to pilot the skies in Air Force flight scenarios.

One Scenario gives you the chance to pilot an F-16 fighter through a grueling canyon as you attempt to defy the laws of physics. You’ll control the jet using a real-life throttle and flight stick. This isn’t the movies, Maverick. You’ll need nerves of steel to emerge from this flight simulator as a hero.

Scenario two might seem like a walk in the park on paper but when things get hairy, there’s nothing easy about this mission. Refueling a USAF fleet mid-air is vital to any successful air raid or surveillance mission. That’s why you’ll need to operate a replica KC-135 boom pod to refuel several airborne aircraft, including a B-2 Stealth Bomber, to complete your mission successfully.

It takes more than nuts and bolts to patrol the skies. Bravery and the relentless pursuit of victory are at the very core of Snocross competition. That makes Snocross events the ideal platform for the United States Air Force to promote, recruit, and recognize its  Airmen.

This ongoing partnership and USAF presence at events enables Snocross to make competitive professional snocross events more accessible to a wider audience. From providing fans with unique opportunities to seeking the most intelligent, competitive, and talented individuals for service, the USAF partnership with Snocross proves to be invaluable year after year.

You don’t have to be a fighter jet pilot to consider a career in the Air Force. There are currently a wide range of jobs in more than 150 different career fields available throughout the USAF. 

If you always love being close to the action, you’ll find careers available in Aircraft Maintenance, Computer Science Technology, Intelligence, or Special Operations. There are even Healthcare, Law, and Administrative opportunities in the USAF. Don’t hesitate to talk to an Air Force Recruitment Specialist if you have questions about a career in the United States Military.

 You can tune in all season-long, live on www.FloRacing.com and on FOX Sports.