Opening Night Crash Hampers Efforts At Canterbury Park

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Zimmerman, MN (January 9, 2017) – A midair collision that resulted in a horrifying crash for Corin Todd, set the team back for much of the three day weekend at Canterbury Park in Shakopee, Minnesota.

Todd was uninjured in the tangle but damage to his WPS, Fly Racing, Polaris was so severe the crew was only able to patch it together in time for him to line up for the Last Chance Qualifier. AMSOIL Championship Snocross rules prohibit a rider from switching snowmobiles once race day has started, so Todd had no choice but to start the main event from the back row and then pull off the track for safety reasons.

The weekend continually got better but Todd struggled to acclimate to the track’s unique elevated starting hill and was not getting his usual quick starts. Cold temps and snow dust were prevalent throughout the weekend making it difficult to work forward from deep in the pack. Corin was able to score a top 10 finish on Sunday with a ninth place in the final and regain some momentum as we move on to Deadwood, South Dakota in two weeks.

Trevor Leighton, still recovering from a big crash in Colorado, participated in practice on Friday and lined up for the start of his first heat race but elected to sit out the remainder of the weekend before causing any further aggravation to his knee.


Pro Open               Heat 1      Heat 2        Final               

Corin Todd                  5                7               15

Trevor Leighton           9             DNS         DNS                


Pro Open               Heat 1      Heat 2        Final               

Corin Todd                  6                8               13                  

Trevor Leighton                                               

RACE RESULTS – Round 2 Makeup

Pro Open               Heat 1      Heat 2        Final         Season      

Corin Todd                  4                6                8                   9

Trevor Leighton           9             DNS         DNS              18          



Deadwood Snocross Nat’l / Deadwood, South Dakota – January 20-21, 2017



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