FloRacing Fan-Driven Power Rankings | Week 3

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Rounds five and six of Amsoil Championship Snocross are in the books. The people have spoken and week two of the FloRacing Fan-Driven Power Rankings has been tallied. Here is how the athletes stack up:

Amsoil Pro:

  1. Hunter Patenaude
    • +2 spots this week.
  2. Elias Ishoel
    • -1 spot this week.
  3. Emil Harr
    • +1 spot this week.
  4. Logan Christian
    • New to the top-5 this week.
  5. Kody Kamm

Pro Lite: 

  1. Jordan Lebel
  2. Nick Lorenz
  3. Marcus Ogemar
    • New to the top-5 this week.
  4. Ryley Bester
    • -1 spot this week.
  5. Evan Daudt
    • New to the top-5 this week.

Pro Women: 

  1. Malene Cottew
  2. Inanna Hauger
  3. Taven Woodie
  4. Makenna Kleiman
    • +1 spot this week.
  5. Naeli Lebel
    • -1 spot this week.

Snow Bike: 

  1. Troy Horbaty
  2. Jesse Kirchmeyer
  3. Yanick Boucher
  4. Keaton Ward
  5. Canyon Ashley

FXR Sport: New class added to the power rankings in week 3, and we are sure glad we did! 

  1. Adam Ashline
  2. Domenic Hegman
  3. Cael Firth
  4. Kellen Chapuran 
  5. Eric Downs 

Stay tuned following the US Air Force Snocross National in Salamanca, NY (February 18-19, 2022) for “Week 4” of the FloRacing Fan-Driven Power Rankings. 

You can watch all 16 rounds of Amsoil Championship Snocross, including the Amsoil Dominator, live on FloRacing. For series information, results, championship points standings, and more visit snocross.com.